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2012-08-10 12:34:42 by NorskeDrittsekk

Update: read I just found out 90% of the people on here can't open a simple file...

An email told me I should "cowardly runaway like hamstercake did, for the good of the world." The cheesy email didn't successfully stop me from posting my clarification. I know my stand.


I don't give a single fuck if the community decided to fuck me for unclear and unverified reasons. I lose my reputation upon some nonsense mess. Partially it's my faults, but it's how the world worked before some of you even know how to read.

If you are on the bandwagon of want-to-ban me, do me a few small favors: shut up, read, clarify/qualify and make decision either you ban me or not. Stop the Mr/Ms know-it-all. Cool? Now I start.


1. Someone commented on my latest submission and say I stole a track from somewhere else, in this case, modarchive, from Awesome. It is true, Awesome has the same track as mine.

2. A few dozens of minute up to an hour later, I got spammed mercilessly, both inbox and that track's page. The interesting thing was, someone else got spammed, too (Waffle, for example).

3. Then I received several emails telling me to fuck of and cowardly run like hamstercake did (I heard this lad ran into some serious thing).

4. Someone else (I will not give out specific names, you know it yourself) contacted Waffles and told him I stole/cheated/tricked. I am cool with it.

Now it's your turn. Download this. Then open with latest ModPlug, play the track if you want. Here is the important part: navigate yourself through the comment tab (Shift+F9), and Read. Do me an extra favor, also read both the sample & instrument comments. Then come back here, if you have something in mind.

Let's assume I know what you think in general. Now for the questions:

1. What does/did Awesome, my brother and I have in common?

Info: I have been in the tracking scene from the last years of 20th century. Many can confirm it solidly, about what you read in the commentary section.

2. Similarity? But not that much?

Info: Module file is a special audio file that contains musical notations like MIDI, but also contains samples. It is the first form of "open-source music". Anyone can edit, share or extract the sample/instrument or some even borrow the melodies. Modland, modarchive, bitfella (semi/quasi), nectarine radio, are like Wikipedia. Anyone can add, edit, remove anything they like. The only verification is the users. Also it's can be semi, since the owner can post but superusers have similar privileges.

3. Even if someone can verify your story? How about true evidence on your own product?

Info: I have 3 ways to verify the track, and in fact, it is already being verified. How?

- File fingerprint: To someone normally starts out in tracking, an IT file is not much different than a XM or S3M files. Problem is, wait until you use the FX. A simple channel row has the most basic functions:

[Notation - Octave][Instrument/Sample Channel][volume.Volume number][FX option - FX hex/number]
Example: A#-5 03 v25 T-00D
Read: A# Note at 5th Octave with volume of 25 and tempo of 13 (00D is a hex value for 13)

Tempo option of IT, XM, S3M and MOD are vastly different.

FX option in is IT different than XM, so as XM/IT to S3M and the lowest, MOD. If you convert from XM to IT (or other way around), you will lose/mess-up some functions. To a trained person, spotting these is very important. But as my story stated, I converted S3M to IT. How vastly different are between these? S3M has less than 2 dozens of functions, no panning adjustment, in fact it is just a MOD file with extra volume adjustment. IT is the 3rd latest or most advance in the module family. IT has MP3/OGG like encoding and has over 20 different FX functions.

- Sample watermarking: Sample watermarking is an excellent technique that veterans use to: 1) Mark their work 2) sample distribution's rights. There are several ways to watermark. In classic trackers, you can find similar in OpenMPT; you can "draw" the waves and play it real time. Some people watermark this way. Other use scripts to generate for them, after all, most sceners are programmers, too. The most 'hi-tech' way is injecting watermark directly into the sample's codes without disabling the sample's function. Used by warez crackers in the 80s. I did it this way. If you have debugger/disassembler/hex editor, you will find my name/group/made-date as marks every 10 lines of codes, linear. Have trouble opening? xxd dump available and will be uploaded in here when requested, I don't want people accussing me anything.

- Comments: I can spend a whole day to fake the thing, but do you buy it? In the old days when MOD is still around, you don't have the bless to comment on a specific section. So the alternative way is to comment in the sample title. Somebody uses only 8 samples can have up to 200 samples to fit all his words of how he did the track, advertise his other works, talk about how he lost some party competition and most important of all, greetings. Just like the old day. Notice that if you decide to write in both instrument and sample's titles (not including the comment section), it takes you more than a day to do.
NOTE: only IT and XM has instrument function, olders module files only have sample. I also watermark my sample titles.

4. You spammed yourself (and other) just to cover the spoil. You evil fuck...(yada)

Someone has a brain might think, how stupid is this spammer, right? Why would he spam right after someone post the spoil? Why didn't he wait until the time I got myself on fire with the bandwagon full of rumors? I came up with a bunch of ripe moments that the spam shit could work like charm. If I am the mastermind, should I be a bit more smarter? Stuff doesn't work out. But hey, whoever wants me dead, seems like his/her/their plan works half way through.

Now. Process with full decisions, ban me, or not.

You can be on the bandwagon right now, it points toward the bottom of the hill where I stand. All you have to do is pull the brake and let it goes where it should go and watch someone drops off. It's a decision. Not a choice.

Tomorrow I wake up, I'll walk like a normal man with no regret or remorse, because I have already chosen my decision to post this up. I don't care either I live or die after this. Like I said, decision is made. Newgrounds is like a mountain side. If I couldn't settle my life here, with peace. I move on.

Good day.

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